Take Care

November 20, 2015


CBC web cam shot of St.John’s

I just found out that Ron Hynes has passed away. Although he won numerous Canadian music awards, not enough people outside of his home province of Newfoundland and Labrador knew his stuff well. A real Canadian icon he was.  A real shame more people didn’t take notice. But…

Here he is on Q playing one of his songs on his Newfoundland built Garrison acoustic……..he made simple yet strong music for real people.
I just got me a hankerin for some fish and brewis and maybe a side of scrunchions and cod tongues. That’ll do me. Oh, and maybe a bottle of 1892 to wash it down.

BTW. Did ghomeshi say “University of Memorial”?

There’s just something special about an artist that stays true to their roots, doesn’t sell out, and honours the place they come from. Take care Ron. Love ya.

‘I Love This House’ by Ron Hynes on Q TV ~2011

With The Wonderful Grand Band in St. John’s  – complete with ‘stubbies’ on the table.

Sonny’s Dream – 1980 – post by NewfoundlandMusicMan

I seldom post three songs in one entry but Ron Hynes was special. For some reason this one always brings a tear to my eyes………scoff and a scuff anyone? BTW. Note in the video that the bass player forgot to wear his white pants. Why are bass players always such rebels?

The Wonderful Grand Band (Ron Hynes) – St. John’s Waltz

above: from The Telegram.com


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