Taking the Low Road

December 11, 2015


The North Shore Scenic Drive from minnesota.cbslocal.com

When I was young and knew everything, I went on a road trip…..and ended up in Duluth, Minnesota. What I remember most was the drive along Lake Superior going north to the Canadian border. It is known as The North Shore Scenic Drive along Minnesota’s Highway 61 (yes, that Highway 61). It’s a beautiful drive and is right up there with “favourite” drives I have experienced along les Corniches, the Cabot Trail (and the not yet fully completed Fundy Trail) and of course, the Pacific Coast Highway – Route 1.

So impressed was I with that Superior drive that I immediately made plans to revisit it the following year. Well, life got in the way and …..it’s been almost 40 of those years now and I haven’t been back. Maybe next year?

The band Low is from Duluth and are one of those bands that I like to listen to because they are quite naturally very tight together.

Low – What Part of Me (Live on 89.3 The Current) 2015


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