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January 5, 2016

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above: Squish Studio, Tilting, Fogo Island, Newfoundland & Labrador. Image:

An Aussie and a Canuck covering an American’s song in English on French TV. We live in a world of great opportunity…..sort of.
Interesting piano arrangement by Chilly.

Sia and Gonzales – Taratata – 2009

by fabby hervil

Above is the end result of a lot of hard work.

So how does creativity and originality flow and become drawn to a conclusion? Comprehension of how “a tune” is created, whether through study or natural intuition, is paramount.
Below, Mr. Gonzales (ha) explains some generalities of music construction:
Chilly Gonzales’ “Pop Music Masterclass” 2015

A few years back I sat in on a music composition class put on as part of a series of DIY music industry lessons. Everyone was sitting on those hard wooden/metal chairs and sat around six tables strung together in a circle. Sure, it was in a beautiful old turn of the century warehouse but other than that it was…..flat. There was no inspiration. It was like a high school class. It was a typical environment people choose to hold this type of “information session” in but I have never liked a classroom concept for anything.
No good I thought . So I relayed my thoughts to the organiser. She was defensive – her walls were well constructed. Blinded by the light.
Below is the sort of thing I was thinking about (and right in the city of all places)…..sort of an affordable version of the Fogo Island studios. Something could feel comfortable with. In this kind of environment the composers are drawn out of the shell that encircles most of us and the fresh, new setting allows creativity to flow.
Manitoba Music Winter Songwriter Retreat at FortWhyte Alive Mini-Doc
by the Manitoba Music Industry Association (an overly industrial name)


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