Broken Arts

January 8, 2016


above: After the Nashville flood. from

The music industry is a vicious game. So goes the game of love. Normally, I don’t post songs like this. Songs about love lost and never to be found again but there is a distinct familiarity to it. All lies and jest, still, a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest. (S&G)

Anna Johnson is from Wisconsin and that’s why she’s here. Another reason is she’s playing a McPherson guitar. They are also from Wisconsin.

Check out the McPherson site, there’s some good stuff there. And check out Anna’s site. She’s a starving artist in Nashville, hometown of the damaged and bruised.

Anna Johnson – Damaged and Bruised 2011

and at the end of the day, after licking all wounds, try to recover and follow your heart. Because there’s no place like home – and home is where the heart is.

Anna Johnson w/sister Julia- Feel’s Like Home (cover of Randy Newmn’s tune)


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