In a Pure Prairie League of Their Own

January 14, 2016

When I was young and shoulda known better, I moved half way across the continent and found myself in an apartment with several other ex-pats. The thing about it was….besides being party central and a tough place to eat because groceries never lasted very long….the music. It was all about the music. We all brought our music collections and there were hundreds of albums to choose from. It was music heaven.

I remember the rows started in one corner and went around to another corner of the living room. Maybe forty feet of LP’s. Blew everyone’s mind when they stepped inside the place.  It was an amazing cross-section of musical tastes and really helped broaden my personal musical perspective.
One of the many bands that made up the collection was Pure Prairie League. And I sure got to likin’ PPL’s style. Kind of a cross between CSNY and The Soggy Bottom Boys.
They’re doing a show tonight down the road in Minnie.

Pure Prairie League – Amie first released on Bustin’ Out – 1972
post by Lordismyportion


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