Huh. What Was That?

January 26, 2016


You know how time fades away.

My first big concert was way back when I was 14. Black freakin’ Sabbath.

It was at a brand new concert hall that was built for the local ballet company and symphony orchestra. The hall’s spokespeople bragged that you could hear a pin drop on stage from anywhere in the venue. And so when Sabbath took the stage dwarfed by their wall of amplifiers you can imagine what effect the sound had on the poor unsuspecting pubescent ears in the audience. My ears are still ringing.

Tomorrow night, the same band returns to the city on their farewell tour. I’ve decided not to go. My remaining hearing is too important to me.

I was looking at their concert schedule from that 1971 tour. Check it out. They bounce around the continent in a crazy train of frenzied concerts that would make it difficult for even the strongest minds and bodies to survive. Yet here they are. Almost exactly 45 years later. Where did the time go. Eh?

I got this from It’s just a little over a month of their 70/71 tour but shows how they went from the UK to NA and (later in the tour) back to the UK doing shows almost nightly. In the middle of it they “hopped” down to Australia and New Zealand. Absolutely grueling. I started with the Newcastle-upon-Tyne (at the bottom) gig because that’s where great-gramps came from:

USA – University Of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (2nd Mar 1971)

Venue Unknown, Memphis (1st Mar 1971)

Canada – Centennial Concert Hall, Winnipeg (28th Feb 1971)

USA – Coliseum, Denver (27th Feb 1971)

The Salt Palace, Salt Lake City (26th Feb 1971)

University Of Maine, Orono (25th Feb 1971)

The Forum/Great Western Forum, Inglewood, Los Angeles (24th Feb 1971)

The Forum/Great Western Forum, Inglewood, Los Angeles (23rd Feb 1971)

Venue Unknown, Seattle (22nd Feb 1971)

Fillmore East, New York City (20th Feb 1971)

Fillmore East, New York City (19th Feb 1971)

Union Catholic High School, Scotch Plains (18th Feb 1971)

USA – Sunshine Inn, Asbury Park (17th Feb 1971)

Holland – De Doelen Halle, Rotterdam (6th Feb 1971)

Australia – Myponga Open Air Festival, Myponga (31st Jan 1971)

New Zealand – Venue Unknown, Wellington (29th Jan 1971)

UK – University, Leeds (23rd Jan 1971)

Free Trade Hall, Manchester (20th Jan 1971)

Albert Hall, Nottingham (19th Jan 1971)

City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne (18th Jan 1971)

From that tour – audio only

January 14, 1971, Sheffield


Nowadaze, I’m more into the blues than metal anyway.

above: from Old Fogie Calendar


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