Living InSecurity

January 29, 2016


This song below is probably one of the most difficult songs to cover simply because the expectations are so high. You have to really ‘bring it’ if you want to create an impression when doing this Stones classic. The song has balls.

Though Gimme Shelter was written out of fear and desire for protection from ‘stormy weather’, it can be representative of a need in our society for basic shelter. Like water, shelter should be a human right. Whether you are a Syrian refugee or live in an arctic village.

Meanwhile, the poverty industry (pdf link) is thriving and includes a lot of full time jobs….some well paid (people making a living helping people to live). And when you hang your hat and coat tonight think about those that have no place like home. Rape, murder and all hostility, are just a shot away.

Thunder – Gimme Shelter   1995-2008

by Philip Nicholls


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