February 7, 2016

horst faas

a Horst Faas photo – 1965

When this song was written by a couple of Americans (Barry Mann, and Cynthia Weil), the northern working-class, English industrial city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne was furthest from the writers’ minds. (I have to take this opportunity, if I may, to point out that my great grandpa ‘got out’ of Newcastle in the 1800’s and settled over here. The rest is history.)

The Animals, who were toiling in that city at the time, took the song for their own. And most people interpreted the lyrics as referring to Newcastle. On the other hand, it became an anthem of American troops in Vietnam.

Swedish TV has a lot of gems and this is another. Here is the band, Shut Up Frank, which was made up of players from legendary Invasion bands, doing a pretty damn good cover of the song:

Mick Avory, Dave Rowberry, Jim Leverton and Dave Clarke (& please, no relation to Dave Clark or Dick Clark or Joe Clark).

Shut Up Frank – We Gotta get Out Of This Place   ~nineties?

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