Soap Box Operation

February 20, 2016


We hear only what we want to hear.

In the seventies we thought we were fighting the good fight. Pollution was bad in certain spots around the planet. Los Angeles air was embarrassingly bad. Cleveland’s river caught on fire. China wasn’t seen as a problem – it was out of sight out of mind….and everyone rode bikes. India? Forget about it!

Then we got on with our lives and basically turned our back on the rape and pillaging of the planet that was spreading like a prairie wildfire. China is now horrible. And the bad and the ugly really is a global problem. In fact, it has nowhere to go. How many more consumers can we squeeze onto the planet?
Gotta make some money and keep the shareholders happy too.

We see only what we want to see.

First up is a song Kurt Winter brought to TGW when he was added to the roster to replace Bachman. Winter was one of those players who flew under the radar, and although his skills were acknowledged by some in the biz (notably Eric Clapton) he remained backstage in the world of popular guitarists.
Hand Me Down World – The Guess Who – 1970

A Soapbox Opera   Roger Hodgson – first released by Supertramp – 1975

Supertramp - Crisis.jpg
We say only what they want us to say.
Crisis? There ain’t no stinkin’ crisis!


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