February 26, 2016


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I have always felt a wee bit of affinity with the Acadians and Cajuns….but not enough to call myself one. My ancestors on my mother’s mother’s side originally were French (as in France). Then they went to Ireland to do business for a few generations. Then they went to Ile St Jean (Prince Edward Island) to live for another couple of generations. Then they migrated down to New England to work (for a few generations). Then they moved to the Dakotas to farm. And finally my grandma’s family crossed the 49th into Canada to farm some of the richest natural soil on the planet. By the time the family tree reached me we were headed back east. Like gypsies we are.

But since I was a kid, when I travelled along the Atlantic coastal areas and into New England I always felt a certain feeling…..a homecoming of sorts. And that is what the Acadians are like. Moving around from here to there, never really ‘home’ but yet always at home anywhere in their homeland.

One of my old favourite artists is a Louisiana Cajun boy named Zachary Richard. I’ve never seen the video below until now. It is great. Though I wish I knew where and when it was recorded. Love the playful harp duel.

Zachary Richard – Danse danse

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