Music is in Our Soul

March 7, 2016


I just had to post this:

I lost my dad in 1980 and my mother in September and in both cases music was a big part of my family’s ‘grieving’. Music played a big part in my parent’s life (and ours by osmosis) so when they passed on we were hit with a flood of musical memories as we talked about the times we shared together.

As for the news anchor being brought to tears….so was I.

from USA Today and WXIA in Atlanta:

A lot of their old favourits were from the forties (big bnd and horns) but they really got into music in the sixties….bless their hearts and souls.
This track appeared on Simon and Garfunkel’s 1968 album Bookends (the same album that had “Voices of old people”….pa had the 8-track and I heard this many, many times as we drove around in his 66 LTD together. “Counting cars on the New Jersey turnpike”.
Simon & Garfunkel – America
post by kylecrazyford


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