A Peace of the Pie

March 24, 2016

Another day in the life. Another bombing. So where exactly is this thing called peace?
charles p rod twitter.com.yokoono.

Above: As an aside – Radio guy Charles P Rodney Chandler broadcasts from the Peace room of 1969’s Lennon/Ono’s Bed For Peace ….”Chuck” worked for the original CFOX (not to be confused with the present CFOX in Vancouver) in Pointe Claire, located in Montreal’s western suburban skies. I also lived a good chunk of my life in Pointe Claire. He then went to CFRW Winnipeg as music director/DJ and helped turn it into the “coolest station in the country” playing songs that other markets turned their backs on – FM radio was just in its infancy. I was also living in The ‘Peg at the time.

Then in ’72 he went back to CKGM in Montreal but had to change his name to Todd Young due to legal issues….um…yes I was there too. He also worked in Halifax, another of my adopted home towns..as well as B.C., Seattle and Edmonton. AND he did a gig with another former Winnipegger, Monty Hall, as his Hollywood announcer on the show “Let’s Make a Deal”. But his forever claim to fame was doing the Lennon/Ono bed-in for peace at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel (with fellow CFOX DJ Roger Scott)….I might add that when we moved to Montreal just over a year later we “had to” stay in the QE for a month until our place was ready. All I could think about was giving peace a chance but instead came away with a love for morning crepes and bewilderment as to why the French wanted to live “way the hell up here” a comment I heard (and forever remember) from an American staying at the hotel.

I include all this because radio DJs like Chandler at CFRW/CFOX,  J.J. Jeffery at WLS and Doug Pringle at CHOM all played big roles in bringing my young ears the music I craved during this tumultuous, anti-war, anti-pollution, anti-establishment period of the late 60s early 70s.

From the journal of Alan Rhodes: link.

Now to the bed-in. The “invitees” to the room included a who’s who of “disturbers”, activists, satirists and creative thinkers of the era: Tommy Smothers, Al Capp, Dick Gregory, Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg….and most of them apparently took part in recording “Give Peace a Chance“. Seeing them and understanding the space people’s minds were in at the time is one of the things that makes this film so remarkable.

This film by Yoko Ono is over an hour in length and really showcases the event (read her comments also). The ‘annoying’ sound of Yoko’s voice and other sounds such as squeaky markers on the white board are all designed to get us out of our comfort zone I believe. By letting that bother us we make the choice to remain numbed in the comfort of our surroundings:

BED PEACE starring John Lennon & Yoko Ono   1969


I think we missed it: We continue to be distracted by too many false leaders…in this case we maybe didn’t care for Yoko’s ‘singing’ or even the whole idea of how lying in a bed could bring about peace on earth. See?

War is over. If you want it.: One of the messages from their Bed-In For Peace was that we have to take responsibility as individuals if we want peace, (or to work to right any social issues really). It’s something I think that we all have trouble doing. Forget choice. It’s all about individual responsibility and the consequences of our decisions.

If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.  Neil Peart – Rush

We get what we deserve. Instant Karma is the result. It’s up to you. Yeah you. Peace.

Karma chords/lyrics link.



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