March 31, 2016


from (story). And link to the 1918 movie from which the mural is from: A Dog’s Life.

Ever had one of those nights? You just can’t get to sleep. You lie there and suddenly you hear the milkman at the door? Well maybe in 1961 when this song was written….you might have heard the milkman putting glass jars of milk into your milk shoot.

The song was covered again by a Canadian band known as Chad Allan and The Expressions – it was the “B” side to their hit single Shakin’ All Over.

The second song is completely different but has the same name – spelled correctly. More like what my Grade 11 English teacher, Mr. Blackman, demanded from his students when we talked in class (or in the hallways or parking lot – wherever he would catch us butchering the Queen’s language).

Anyway, Sam Cash was in town two nights ago at The Windsor, the hotel Charlie Chaplin made famous…..or did The Windsor make Chaplin famous….anyway he lived there for an extended period of time whilst he was here doing his vaudeville act at Pantages….and suddenly decided to leave and head to Hollywood to make silent motion picture films.

Tossin’ and Turnin’ – Chad Allan & The Expressions (Guess Who?) 1965

post by uraass2utube

Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs – Tossing & Turning 2016
by SouthernSouls


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