‘How to’ Manual…..I mean Automatic

April 1, 2016

How to save the planet:

image from this great post by Bill Laing

above: Neil Young’s (his mom’s) home on Winnipeg’s Grosvenor Avenue. Yeah the same one that Bob Dylan visited when he was doing a show in town (story link).

River Heights boy has the right idea:

This doc (another by Haskell Wexler) is one nice piece of work. And although some of the comments that go with it call it ‘boring’….(no zombies or storm troopers)….I think it’s great.

This 1959 Lincoln that Neil and crew have recreated is a true thing of beauty. It runs on battery power and….wait for it…Cellulosic ethanol. A big old boat that is easy on the environment and even generates its own power.  One of the cool things about the vehicle is that at the time it came off the assembly line in its original configuration Neil was playing ‘the zone’ in Winnipeg with his band The Squires.

Neil Young Shows Haskell Wexler His LincVolt

image of Neil’s LincVolt from autogreenmag.com

Yeah. Some people are trying to save the place….

Jeff Lynne- Save Me Now live at bungalow palace  (Lynne has a home studio at BP in LA. BBC did a special there. Live from JL’s BP in LA on BBC)

post by Tommy larry

from Ultimate guitar: (Sekhar Narayanaswami

Save Me Now

Intro:  Fingerpicking a D chord

One day the earth woke up, said
G               D
“Boy I feel half dead
D                         F#m
Somebody’s turning up the poison
G             A
And It’s getting in my head
Sometimes I wish my guests
G             D
would move away somewhere
D                      G
Yes I’m burning up all over
A                   D  G
I can’t even breathe the air

Chorus:         D            A            Bm              G
Save me now, Save me now, Save me now  come on and
D            A             D
Save me now, Save me now, Save me now”

Verse 2:
One day the earth woke up, said
“Boy it’s getting hot
And remember all those trees I had
Well now there ain’t a lot
And my eyes kept slowly trickling
Down to where the party’s at
And if everybody’s going there well
That’s the end of that”


Chord Formation:
D xx0232
G 320003
F#m 244222 (barre on 2nd fret)
A x02210
Bm x24432 (barre on 2nd fret)


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