Ain’t No Place Like Home

April 3, 2016


I don’t know about these award shows like The Junos….I guess they represent what is both good and bad about (Canadian) music. But there sure are a lot of artists out there who maybe don’t get an abundance of recognition – but should.

Mike Plume is one. And I like this song that crosses genres as well as the country. The song’s theme is about the reality of growing up in Atlantic Canada. Unable to find work, the only choice for many is to ‘commute’ to other areas where there is work to be had. The result is good pay, hard drinking (maybe/maybe not), a little foolish gambling….and above all, a welcome trip back home.

Ever tried to get a non-stop flight from the east coast back to The Peg? There’s none. But you can get one to Fort McMurray (a much smaller centre that’s two hours by air further west than River City)….what does that tell you?

Some musicians are like that. They take the most direct and often easiest way to where the dollars are and give up everything else that matters to them. Gotta pay them bills.

This is in standard tuning. Sounds best in a kitchen or shed full of friends. And all you really need is a guitar (though spoons, a squeeze box and/or fiddle would work just fine too. Oh yeah… ugly stick to make the visitors happy). C-F-C-G switch as needed. Chorus: A:m, F, C (G). Now get at ‘er!

A good, real Canadian song from the album Red and White Blues (as said above, it’s a good one to play in the kitchen/shed back home – wherever that may be):

Mike Plume Band – Coming Home Again – 2013





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