Really Big Little Shoe

April 5, 2016

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Almost seedy. Almost downtown. Almost bohemian. Almost famous.

When in Toronto, if you like music, you go to the city’s  fabled ‘venues’: The Dakota, Cameron House, Lee’s Palace … and of course, The Horseshoe Tavern (The Shoe). And there it is. A dank, unassuming place that boldly proclaims its ‘legendary’ status. On Queen Street West, over near Spadina, right next to a Dub. Very Toronto.

Here’s a good infomercial masquerading as a doc, that is a wee bit ‘overdone’ but nonetheless gives a very good oversight into one of The Big Smoke’s live music club treasures.

‘The Shoe’ is a place like Honest Ed’s. Torontonians try to make it far more than it really is. But in reality, at the end of the day, it is what it is: good for Toronto, good for music and in this case, good for booze.

The Shoe: 65 years of Horseshoe Tavern history

by 16x9onglobal


And though there have certainly been many, many more high profile performers at The Horseshoe……it’s only fitting to give a salute to the one and only Stompin’ Tom Connors – live at the Shoe. But those of us of a certain vintage in Canada may remember his Marketplace bit from the early seventies (go to truncated  YT video link). The stories of how he started a stompin’ to hear his own beat in those noisy bars back before he became famous are legendary.

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