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April 7, 2016

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When a performer’s got the music in them it becomes evident in everything they do. Basia Bulat is an artist from Toronto who’s path crossed with Olenka Krakus (see April 6 entry). They are both Canadians with Polish roots and former students at U of Western Ontario.

Basia Bulat plays numerous musical instruments and styles, though lately she has headed more to a mainstream sound (again – gotta pay those bills). And there ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that if done right (whatever that may be). If you haven’t yet heard of her, shame on you. (not even Tall Tall Shadow?) Sheesh! Again, if you haven’t, you must click on the link prior hereto and listen to it. You’ll be better for it. Live long and prosper.

You know I like music from unusual venues. Sometimes the acoustics are questionable but it often creates a more intimate performer/audience relationship. And it can give an accurate and honest glimpse into the music of the player.

Here she is playing three different instruments in three different countries in three different venues – a bibliotheque, a museum and a coffee house.

Basia Bulat:

A Secret – 2010 Canada

by soundscapemusic

Five Four – 2013 The Netherlands

post by Groninger Museum,


I Don’t Mind if it Rains – Café & Pop Torgal, Spain – 2013

post by Lauravida72

Et finalement : Because I was just at this venue and because she is playing yet another instrument and is stretching her vocal capabilities, here she is at the cavernous AGO – Art Gallery of Ontario:

It Can’t Be You – 2013 – post by secretcityrecords

Art is a beautiful thing. It comes in all flavors and affects all senses. It can be uplifting. And it can strike you when you least expect it.
Art Gallery of Ontario:



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