Take Care

April 9, 2016

Human respiratory system

above: similarities between vocal instrument and one such as a guitar from aidanews.com

I like just about everything about this video: the ‘studio’ and simple, yet quality equipment, the man and his guitar, the crackling fire….I’ve been thinking of creating a playing/composing environment like his in the back 40.

I hope I can sing & play like Steve W when I’m sixty-four. But that’s a long and winding road from now….(<5 yrs – have faith).

You know, many of the popular artists from the sixties and on have stretched, burnt, blown and frankly ruined their vocal chords. They’ve treated their vocal possession with reckless abandon….Mr. Winwood has obviously taken care of his.

from chorusamerica

Use your voice wisely:

Try not to overuse your voice. …

Rest your voice when you are sick. …

Avoid using the extremes of your vocal range, such as screaming or whispering. …

Practice good breathing techniques when singing or talking. …

Avoid cradling the phone when talking. …

Consider using a microphone when appropriate.

Steve Winwood – (Blind Faith song) – Can’t Find My Way Home – 2012


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