Les Burrows

April 14, 2016

Below is an apparently “rare” clip of Belfast band Les Them on French TV in 1964. (Wonder if they had any Les Paul guitars with them?)

For some reason a donkey makes his appearance several times in the video?? The donkey reminds me of begging burrows (shown begging above) and begging burrows remind me of The Needles “highway” (great video link)  which reminds of Mount Rushmore which reminds me of a story:

I’m flying back home and have two other people squished into the seats beside me. One is a court judge (you’d assume he was fairly intelligent) and the other is a woman coming here from France to teach. At one point she asks “What is close to Winnipeg that I have heard of?”. The judge replies “Mount Rushmore”…to which she was very impressed. Yes, she’d heard of the place in South Dakota.

She had no idea it was so ‘close’….in fact it is 1,106.1 kms (give or take a few) away – only a short 12-14 hour drive or so. Considering you can drive through 4 or 5 or 8 countries on a 14 hour drive from France I don’t think that was quite what she had in mind when she asked “What is close?”.

Anyway, next time you have nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon, maybe head down to Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills, take in the sights and enjoy a drive on the highway. And bring some dried apricots. They love them. They’ll eat ’em right out of your glove compartment.

Van Morrison and Them – Gloria – 1964

post by vossmeister

Oh yeah. E, D, A for the entire song….as if you didn’t know that already.



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