When More is not Enough?

April 16, 2016

Last night I was watching a band in a noisy venue. The band used a cowbell to set the beat due to the players’ inability to hear each other over the noise. The beginning of every song sounded like they were going to break into Honky Tonk Woman…

So of course, this older SNL skit comes to mind. Most of us have seen this (legendary) performance many times before but I laugh every time I watch it.

You might recognise the drummer under all that hair…..it was one of his first appearances on the Saturday night show and he was caught off guard by the insanity of working with some of these comics.

Its a little blurry, and truncated at both the beginning and end but is one of the more complete postings on YT:

More Cowbell – Saturday Night Live – 2000

post by David Butler


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