Catching Dreams

April 23, 2016

dreamoriginal image from (b4 I meddled with it)

These folks are coming here in the summer to play one of the older folk festivals in North America, the Winnipeg Folk Festival (since 1974).

The musical gathering of people is held on a hill named after the family name of a guy that worked for a company chartered on May 2, 1670 (HBC). It is….get this: “the oldest incorporated joint-stock merchandising company in the English-speaking world” (from The Canadian Encyclopedia). Wow. Five qualifiers to be anointed “oldest”!

In 1788, James Bird came to Canada chasing a dream. He settled into a life dedicated to the “Company of Adventurers” and finished his career in the age-old trade of furs here in the northern Red River Valley.  As a gift for his dedicated service to the Adventurers, the company gave Bird a tract of land bounded by the Red River on the west and a rise in the land created by a glacial deposit overlooking “the valley” on the east. Beats a watch.

Birds Hill: Quiet. Simple. Fresh. These are the places I will always go.

The Head and the Heart is yet another great band from America’s Pacific North-West. This is a good video providing a glimpse into life on the road for the dream chasers.

The Head and the Heart – Down in the Valley  2012



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