Int Eruption

April 28, 2016


Just north of here is a land, along the western shore of one of the largest lakes on the planet. A land known as New Iceland. The descendants of those Icelanders that settled the villages by the shore (most of whom came here because of a massive volcanic eruption in their homeland) are still making their mark in the province and beyond.

My best friend when I was in early grade school was Icelandic as was my uncle. I learned from my friend’s dad (Nordal) and my uncle (Snidal) and his brothers how fiercely proud of their heritage they were. When my uncle first met my friend I remember quite vividly their reaction to meet fellow Icelanders as they talked like long lost relatives.

Of Monsters and Men is a band from the old country who also (more recently) came to North America to make their mark.

From Iceland:

Of Monsters And Men – “Little Talks” plus interview 2012


The Winnipeg Falcons – a team of Manitoba Icelanders who won the first Olympic gold medal in ice hockey in 1920. (Not to be confused with the Winnipeg Victorias, who won a number of Stanley Cups years earlier).

The story of the team is well known in my family. My brother played for the Falcons (many years later) and one of ma’s best friend’s uncle, Kristmundur Numi Fridfinnson, played on that famous Falcons team. And although in a wheelchair she, along with other descendants of the team players, were honoured at MTS Centre in 2005. (story link)

Islendingadagurinn – The annual Icelandic Festival of Manitoba. Velkomin.


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