May 13, 2016

warThis song reminds me of a road trip that took us through South Dakota years ago. We stopped for gas in the absolute middle of nowhere. It was probably 100 degrees in the shade – except there was no shade to be seen for miles.

I went inside to pay and there were a couple of good ole boys sittin’ on chairs  dippin’ ‘n chewin’ chad…….no words needed but let’s just say they were aware that I was not from their neck of the dust.

Turn the page.
Turn the Page – Bob Seeger 1973
post by Electricchris1

((Em))On a long and lonsome highway, east of Omaha

((Em))You can((D))listen to the engine, moanin’ out as one long song

((D))You can((Am))think about the woman, or the girl you knew the

((Em))But your thoughts will soon be wandering, the way they always do

((Em))When your((D))Riding sixteen hours and there’s nothin much to do

((D))You don’t((A))feel much like ridin’, you just wish the trip was

((Em))See/But here I((D))am, on the road((Em))again

((Em))There I((D))am, up on the((Em))stage

((Em))Here I((D))go, playin’ the ((Am))star again

((Am))there I((C))go,((D))turm the((Em))page

((Em))Well you walk into a restaraunt, strung out fron the road

((Em))And you((D))feel the eyes upon you as your shaking off the cold

((D))You pretend it doesn’t bother you, but you just want to ((Em))

((Em))Most times you can hear ’em talk, other times you can’t

((Em))All the((D))same ol’ cliches is that a woman or a ma

((D))And you((Am))always seem outnumbered, you don’t dare make a


((Em))Out there in the spotlight,you’re a million miles away

((Em))Every ounce((D))of energy, you try to give away

((D))And the((Am))sweat pours out your body, like the music that you

((Em))later in the evening, as you lie awake in bed

((Em))echoes of((D))the amplifiers,ringin’ in your head

((D))and you((A))smoke the days last cigarette, remembering what she



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