Heart Beats

June 23, 2016


from Indian City

Last night was one of those nights. I love music. But it was just another concert. This one invited us to give a listen to music from the Turtle Island’s indigenous heartland framed by the delicate power of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

Now I’ve been to more than my fair share of evenings intended to showcase unique “local” talent. It has taken me to all corners of North America and the globe. But I can honestly say that none affected me as much as last night’s show. None. Honest.

And….the show at Club Regent was…… gratis.

I realised during a particularly powerful Indian City cover of Eagle and Hawk’s (a group founded by Vince Fontaine) Sundancer, that what we are witnessing is a birth. A metamorphosis. This is just the beginning of something very special. Not unlike Québec’s “Quiet Revolution” of the 1950’s and ’60’s. But unlike the highly exclusive Québec experience, this one is all-inclusive. The soul a lost culture, ripped away from the people, is being reclaimed. It invites us all to walk on this road together.

I have to thank all the performers and people involved in last night’s show for awakening something that has remained dormant for centuries. We have a long way to go…..but the transformation has begun. And it is a beautiful thing.

If you get a chance to see any of these people, get off your colonial butt and go. They will welcome you on the journey. (Check out National Aboriginal Day or Canada Day celebrations where these acts are performing):  Indian City, Sierra Noble, Ray St. Germain (yes, unlike other ‘old guys’ this guy still has it), Don Amero, Errol Ranville, William Prince,  Ray (Coco) Stevenson, Jay Bodner & Rhonda Head. Indian City itself is a collection of performers including Pamela Davis,  William Prince, Rena Semenko, Neewa Mason, Don Amero, Gerry Atwell, Rich Reid, Tik Mason, Jeremy Koz and Vince Fontaine.

The music comes from the heart. From right here.

Indian City Live – Supernation

Sundancer – Eagle and Hawk – filmed right here in the Seine River Valley in the back 40 – at the centre of a culture rising. A culture that is bigger than any one person. Any one group. A culture that accepts us all.


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