Cross Purposes

July 29, 2016

above: from

Sometimes ‘easy’ is good for practice. Case in point: Below is a man known for his ability to make a guitar do amazing things…..and he stands there and plays G, F, A:m (with the odd C major thrown in) over and over and over (with the occasional embellishment thrown in there) allowing his fellow guitarists to jam away at some solo work.

This kind of stuff can be fun, and provide quality practice picking too. In this case, I have no comment on the solos other than to admire the interesting sound Kaiser pulls outa that thing and to say improv(e) can lead to bigger and better things. It’s what makes good guitarists better.

Richard Thompson, Henry Kaiser, Zak Hobbs (RT’s grandson – on bass) and Jack Thompson (RT’s son – hiding behind the post).

from Music Masters Camps’ Frets and Refrains 2015

Calvary Cross  Richard Thompson

[F][Am] [G barre]* I was under the Calvary Cross
[F][Am] [G barre] The pale-face lady she said to me
[F][Am] [G barre] I’ve watched you with my one green eye.
[F][Am] [G barre] And I’ll hurt you ’till you need me.
[F][Am] [G barre] You scuff your heels and you spit on your shoes.
[F][Am] [G barre] You do nothing with reason
[F][Am] [G barre] One day you catch a train
[F][Am] [G barre] Never leaves the station.
[C] Everything you do
[F] Everything you do
[C]You do for [G]me
Now you can make believe on your tin whistle
You can be my broom boy
Scrub me ’till I shine in the dark
I’ll be your light ’till doomsday
Black cat cross your path.
Why don’t you follow
My claw’s in you and my light’s in you
This is your first day of sorrow
*Throw in some picking, alternate strumming and/or variations of chords like a Gmajor -D shape on 7th fret

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