Music and Drink

July 31, 2016


above: t’day on George Street. Getting ready for music and good times tonight in front of one of my 10 favourite bars on George.

Guess it’s the Irish in us but music and drink do go together well. Just at my stage of life there’s much more music than drink.

But in my favourite place in the world, Newfoundland, they have this ‘little’ music/drinking festival in downtown St. John’s. They close several blocks of a street that has the most bars per square foot on the planet (or something like that), invite a bunch of musicians from here and away and let ‘er fly…….The George Street Festival.* In fact, pretty much all the real estate on the street is dedicated to eateries and/or drinkeries.

It’s an amazing experience. And the weather is always pretty fair. That’s a bonus in a place where weather is not one of the main attractions (i.e past ‘Juneuary’). I always tell people ‘you don’t come to Newfoundland and Labrador for the weather…..there are a million other reasons to come though’. And music and a Quidi Vidi brew are just a couple.

Among the many performers tonight: April Wine. That’s right. April Wine. Organisers love bands with alcohol in their name. They are from the Irish part of Nova Scotia and Montreal. BTW. Did I tell you I went to high school with a couple of them b’ys….

Seems like just yesterday they were playing a noon hour sock hop in the Rennie gymnasium in Pointe Claire.  Sheesh. Fast train we’re on huh.

April Wine – Fast Train ~ 1971

post by GordonYYZ

Chords and lyrics – Fast Train by April Wine (think I used to play it in E though)
I read the colours this morning
I read the colours today
About a man who left from nowhere to be someone
And every day he has to pay in every way

( instr: A C/G D-D7 F C E)
I met a man from New York City
He spoke of things I can’t define
A good man driven from his homeland
Trying to find some peace of mind
It’s a fast train, it’s a fast train
It’s a fast train, it’s a fast train

(Am7 intro to solo part in E)
It’s a fast train, it’s a fast train
It’s a fast train, it’s a fast train
It’s a fast train, it’s a fast train
It’s a fast train, it’s a fast train
It’s a fast train
*I always wanted to close down a street in my town also named after British royalty: Albert Street – and have a similar festival. But the world’s most archaic liquor laws in ‘Toba make that an impossibility. Pity. The Steinbach (bible belt) influence I guess. The wishes of the few taking priority.


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