Gimme Music

August 4, 2016

image from Canada Post/Canadian Press

Life is tragically flawed. We are all subject to this one undeniable reality. But music gives us a temporary release.

There is something about this final road trip to Kingston that The Hip are presently taking us on that goes beyond any other. It can’t really be explained ….and certainly not in a weblog entry.

But tomorrow night they play in their ‘home away from home’, Winnipeg. And we’ll all be there to be a part of this musical journey we all find ourselves on.

Thousands of shared stories, each with their own personal meaning, coming together as one. (Here’s just one and here’s just another.)

They have so many really good songs ……but this one (even though it gets a lot of airplay) has to be my favourite (possibly, completely). This song; about the hockey player from Timmins, Ontario who disappeared whilst on a fishing trip after winning the Stanley Cup for the Leafs. Hockey and fishing and wilderness and music. So damned Canadian. And also the human experience.

Thanks for giving us far more than just music guys!

Fifty Mission Cap – 1992




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