Music in the Key of Inspiration

August 18, 2016


Of course y’all know one of my ‘Top 5 favourite places on the planet’ is anywhere in New England (with particular emphasis on Vermont). But even I have forgotten about the role that Upstate New York played in my youthful, whimsical fantasies of carefree living. As a child some of my earliest memories are from family vacations that stopped in places like Schenectady, Ticonderoga and Glens Falls. And of course the Adirondacks – the colors, lakes, green/red/orange and white mountains, campgrounds, ski runs and towns that mimicked Mayberry. Ahhh – good ole ‘Plattsburg/North Pole/Burlington’. Life was so freaking simple back then.

This was the time of Big Pink and Woodstock. There was a spirit here. Music oozed out of it’s pores. But for some reason I have never been back Upstate – at least not since my teenage years. I have flown over it many times. Watching the peaks poking up through the sea of clouds below. Seems like I’ve passed it by too many times. I’m going back; before I go away.
Cheers to memories, Upstate NY, and to Levon Helm – as folks say “one of the few people in the industry you can turn your back on”. But I won’t.

This song is from Electric Dirt, recorded at  The Barn – Levon Helm’s studio in Upstate.

Remembering Levon Helm – When I Go Away 2009

post by Odie Cleghorn



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