Ready. Set. Go.

August 21, 2016


Just for something to do – here is the set list (with links to the songs from a variety of sources over the years) from Tragically Hip’s closing ceremonies in Kingston last night.

Tragically Hip – Kingston, Ontario August 20, 2016

“50 Mission Cap”


Wheat Kings

At the Hundredth Meridian

In a World Possessed by the Human Mind

What Blue

“Tired As FUCK”


My Music at Work

Lake Fever

Toronto #4

Putting Down

Twist My Arm

Three Pistols

“Fiddler’s Green”

Little Bones” *

The Last Of The Unplucked Gems

Something On




Encore 1

New Orleans Is Sinking” or from the Kingston performance

Boots or Hearts

Blow at High Dough

Encore 2

Nautical Disaster


Grace, Too

Encore 3

Locked In The Trunk Of A Car

Gift Shop

“Ahead By A Century” studio live / Excellent tutorial by Shutup & Play with your guitar tuned in an open C (C,G,C,G,C,C) capoed up two to D


No words: Farewell to The Peg

*Little Bones Guitar Lesson

Bobcaygeon    ~ Bm

[Bm]When I left your house thi[C]s morning
G A*
It was a little after nine
[Bm]It was in Bobcaygeon I saw the [C]constellations
G A*
Reveal themselves one star at a time
G A* G A*
G A* G A*
Drove back to town this morning with working on my mind
G A*
I thought of maybe quitting
G A*
Thought of leaving it behind
[Bm]Went back to bed this m[C]orning
G A*
And as I’m pulling down the blind
[Bm]The sky was dull and hypo[C]thetical
G A*
And falling one cloud at a time
That night in Tor[Em]onto with its [C]checkerboard floors
Riding on [G]horseback and keeping [D]order restored
Til the men th[Em]ey couldn’t hang
Stepped to the [C]mic and sang
And their [D]voices rang with that Aryan twang
G A* G A* ( X 2 )
((I think you get the point now))
I got to your house this morning just a little after nine
In the middle of that riot
Couldn’t get you off my mind
So I’m at your house this morning
Just a little after nine
Cause it was in Bobcaygeon where I saw the constellations
Reveal themselves one star at a time.



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