Candles Thick as Pillars

August 24, 2016


I was at my daughter’s today doing some maintenance and she popped on this retro song from the nineties. Very appropriate given the massive shake-up in Italy this morning.

Vancouver’s celtic influenced (almost Newfoundlandesque) Spirit of the West:

From 1993’s album: Faithlift – And If Venice Is Sinking

post by sotwcanada

chords from

(C)Jesus hangs behind the glass
(F)Above venetian doors
(G)His window box boasts crimson (Am)flowers fresh cut the (G)day be(C)fore
(C)And you couldn’t find a smile
(F)If you nailed it to his face
(G)But Jesus Christ (Am)hangs his head with (G)grace
And if (F)Venice is sinking
(C)I’m going (G)under
(F)’Cause beauty’s religion
And it’s (C)Christened me with (G)wonder(C) C – F – G – Am – G – C
Verse 2:
They come in bent-backed
Creeping ‘cross the floor all dressed in black
Candles, thick as pillars, you can buy one off the floor
And the ceiling’s painted gold
Mary’s hair is red
The old come here to kiss their dead
(F)Ve-rs(G)e -3:F – Am – G – C
We made love on a bed
That sagged down to the floor
In a room that had a postcard on the door
Of Marini’s Little Man
With an erection on a horse
It always leaves me laughing, leaves me feeling that, of course if
From: (Drake Hirasawa)

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