October 3, 2016

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McNaught – Victoria, Australia – 2007

Much has been said about the genius and tragic life of Lenny Breau, but words mean nothing when you see old videos of him at work on his guitars (often a Baldwin). You just sit back and marvel at the sounds he pulls from those strings. Master.

Breau was born in the land of my ancestors: Auborn, Maine to Canadian musician parents. He developed the roots of his musical wizardry in New England and refined it into unexplored regions of virtuosity when his family moved to Winnipeg .ca.

He went on to develop friendships and harmonic rapports in the jazz and country world of Toronto, Nashville and Los Angeles. But it was the Manitoba capital where his genius blossomed. Yet, even though his son Chet lives there and is known locally also as a guitarist, no recognition of Lenny’s startling achievements can be found there.* And such is the story of Mr. Lenny Breau…….although there is a restaurant named after him (Lenny’s) in Portland Maine.

When I hear his notes and harmonics, his use of each finger to draw sounds from the guitar and think of what could have been had he been able to outrun his demons, I cry. I cry and dream.

Lenny Breau – half-hour 1968 film doc

post by Guitar Guitare

* No surprise. The city also has no recognition of another local boy who made good named Neil Young.


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