The Seed of Life

October 6, 2016

innuThe drum circle. A collective heartbeat. The circle of life itself. Rhythms radiating outward. The image above is by Luke Anguhadluq, an Utkuhikhalingmiut artist from Baker Lake region, Nunavut, which (not so coincidently) is near the geographic centre of Canada.

The WAG (Winnipeg Art Gallery) is currently building the Inuit Art Centre which will house the “largest public collection of contemporary Inuit art in the world”.

Link to Canada Inuit Music 1 for glimpse into the variety of sounds and nipi (katajjait, throat singing and other ) that come from a people who were isolated from outside influences until relatively recently.

And from Winnipeg City, itself isolated but truly a city populated by people of the world and located near the geographic centre of North America. Here’s local band The Treble  (its all about that treble) reaching out to acknowledge the ingress and egress of the human population:

Wherever You Go – The Treble




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