Hitchin’ a Ride

October 10, 2016

hitchSpotted this sign in Upper Michigan. (Do not pick up; especially if they are wearing orange coveralls for some reason).

Hitchhiking was natural back in the 60’s and 70’s. If you needed to go somewhere you stuck out your thumb. If you saw someone hitching  you picked them up. Now?

Here is an old song not really about hitchhiking but it talks about how Holly hitched from F.L.A. to get where he (who was a she) was going. Wherever that was.

It came out in ’72/73 and played over and over on our high school grad night. This is Velvet Underground live in ’82 apparently.

In this version the chords are D, G thru the song except ‘chorus’ D, E:m, G, E:m back to D, G

Lou Reed – Velvet Underground – Walk on the wild side

post by markos8408



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