Standing Avant-garde

October 15, 2016


Ever notice that the architects in this town really like their rulers? In fact, buildings with straight lines appear in most of our towns and cities. Not a whole lot of thought goes into their creations.

Is it cheaper to take the shortest route from point A to point B? Or do these architects lack something called imagination. It’s a mystery.

Now the hundred plus year old Manitoba Legislative Building had a lot of thought and creativity go into it. That building’s a mystery.

Image result for manitoba legislative building code

Watch SM’s chord structure and touch as she plays her Taylor. Motivating.

Note how she’s got it choked right up to VII so she can use her low E string more effectively in her chord work. Q: Is her capo ‘upside down’? Can people really deviate from the accepted standard?

Keep in mind that with the capo up on the seventh fret an E:m shape is really a B:m. So here, the song is played with capoed shapes E:m, C (play the low E string also), G, D plus variances of A, C and D in the chorus but I like how she uses the standard E shape moved down a string so your middle finger is on the low E string plus an octave letting the 3rd (or standard G string capoed on VII) ring. Unconventional? Something unexpected?

Sarah McLachlan – Building a Mystery unplugged – 2008




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