Spills and Thrills

October 21, 2016


Even if you’re on the ‘right track’, you’ll get nowhere if you just sit there.

It’s sad really. Really sad, really.

To twist the old saying….Profit before people before planet. That’s the way it is and no matter who gets into power, from Trump to Trudeau to Putin to Xi Jinping 习近平, to Mukherjee to Al-assad, that’s the way it will continue.

In Canada, on the west coast, in one of the most environmentally sensitive corners of the planet, we see shipping of fuels, spills and pipelines promising more spills/disasters. And faceless corporations bribe ‘hereditary chiefs’ and deceitfully call tankers ‘barges’ in order to circumvent the lax environmental protection laws that are currently doing nothing more than employing a lot of wealthy lawyers. (See story ‘world class response’ boat sinks near spill).

And between selfies and ribbon cutting the politicians pretend to be focussed on protecting this mother we call earth. Of course some call bullshit. But it won’t do any good.

It doesn’t matter anyway, a meteor and/or poisonous volcanic gasses and/or the sun will explode conveniently destroying all evidence of our stupidity. Sniff.

from Sweden: Ace Wilder – Busy Doin’ Nothin’


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