Forest grump.

October 23, 2016

canforest2above image from nasa

Wikipedia (definition below) has a unique definition of the word: forest, admitting that there are too many to cite just one. It depends on perspective.

Although forest is a term of common parlance, there is no universally recognised precise definition, with more than 800 definitions of forest used around the world.[4] Although a forest is usually defined by the presence of trees, under many definitions an area completely lacking trees may still be considered a forest if it grew trees in the past, will grow trees in the future,[9] or was legally designated as a forest regardless of vegetation type.

I happen to live in a city fortunate enough to be one of the (of not the) closest cities on the planet to the last remaining intact, roadless forest on the planet. We not only have the boreal forest at our doorstep but we are literally near the end of the road(s). You can drive about an hour northeast and from that point there are no more roads piercing or surrounding the forest you find yourself in. No roads all the way to the to the north pole and beyond into Asia. None.

Yet there are subtle changes. Like the caribou that are disappearing from the southern portions and moving away from any slight human intrusion. And the soils that now have pollutants carried in on the winds from human activity such as the tar sands. And because the forest is so massive most people don’t really give a damn about it. Pity.

But the boreal is still a far cry from the above forest in Poland that owes its existence to having been protected for 800 years but like most of our planet’s forests is completely surrounded & far from being in its original state. Or the ‘forest’ below found in Ireland that no longer exists (uhhuh, that was once a proud oak forest.)


The forest is calling.

Image result for bloodvein forest


Meanwhile: we are intruding.

Florent Vollant – MANUANIK (Clip Officiel)  – 2016


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