October 27, 2016


Last month I visited the Aga Khan Museum across the Don Valley (just to the northeast of Cabbagetown). They were showcasing artifacts from the centuries old Muslim presence* in Europe and contrasting Álvaro Siza’s work with the Alhambra fortress in Granada, Andalusia, Spain.
The wood artifact below is from the 13th century….interesting use of stars with an uncanny resemblance to David’s huh.
When I think of the waves of architectural, religious & musical stimuli and the Alhambra, I think of the woman that grew up just down the road in Morden and her quest to find Celtic influences in our world and ultimately, the mergence of Celtic/Muslim spirits.

Here’s a portion of her Quinlan Road chef-d’œuvre from the heart of the Alhambra – 2007
Loreena McKennitt – Caravanserai

*And I ain’t sayin’ nuthin’ at all ’bout the current attempts to run refugees out of Europe.
Circles. Humans chasing their collective tail.
Your mission (should you decide to accept) is to learn to skillfully play any of the instruments shown in the above video (including the hurdy-gurdy). Then go forth into the world to chase the winds of evil from the face of the earth whilst creating the everlasting harmonies of our ancestors…..should you decide to accept said challenge of course. Nobody’s taking notes here.

Personally I’m interested in the bowed Byzantine lyra.

Muslim musicians at the court of Roger.



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