Git What Ya Needs

October 29, 2016


Web on the Nova Scotia ocean shore. Once you’re in, its got ya. No need to age gracefully.

Wry humour. Pizza. Bearded singers.  Rickenbacker guitars. And players prone to aging. That’s what these two groups have in common.

But (just like the Acadians) one is from the south – in this case, Missouri. The other is from the north – Nova Scotia. And BTW, I’ve been to Jake’s Diner in Yarmouth too (who the hell hasn’t?). I bin trapped inside four walls on a 35 year sentence but I ain’t never bin in no stinkin’ pen.

Rain Over St. Ambrose – Broken Love – 2015

post by analogsongs

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – I Need Never Get Old – 2015 (exceptional vid)



Sun over St. Ambrose, Manitoba – sometimes ya git what ya needs.


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