October 30, 2016


above: Telestar – From video below
Image result for del shannon runaway 45 reo

“My” Runaway 45 was identical to the one above. A gold Quality label.

One of the first 45’s that I “inherited” from either my older sister or brother was 1961’s Runaway by Del Shannon. Man, I played that song a lot. Even at age 6, I was interested in the sounds coming from this song both vocally and instrumentally. But especially that sound from what I later learned was a mellotron or some sort of version of one.

It also set me up for the release of “Telestar” in 1962 which was a song that blew my little ears off. I immediately got one gifted to me through some vague promise to be good, or rake the leaves or behave or do the dishes or something like that. (And the story of the guy behind that song is another tragic story coming from the bowels of the vicious game known as rock and roll.)

The mellotron was subsequently used by many from The Beatles (ie. Baby You’re a Rich Man – on Magical Mystery Tour) to Genesis.

The Tornados – Telstar – 1962 – New improved stereo remix

by johnreynolds71

And the next century’s use of the electronic sound producing instrument continues (FYI – the song starts at 38 seconds):

Vancouver’s The New Pornographers – Champions of Red Wine  2015



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