October 31, 2016

ukraine-protest-in-winnipegUnder Manitoba’s Golden Boy – from CBC

Substantial numbers of people have arrived here to live together in one spot for thousands of years. From the Clovis and Saulteaux to the Aramians, they have come here to live and share with others their traditions, foods, music, arts and culture.

Have you ever wondered what such a grand melange of musical traits emanating from such a congregational mosaic would sound like in one jam?  I give you Exhibit ‘A’ from the following NPR concert:

DakhaBrakha is a Ukrainian ensemble formed out of a theatrical group to perform their interpretation of what ‘folk/punk meets traditional ballads’ would sound like. They give a little to their music and take a little from other sources.

Whether you find it at a kitchen party or a “concert” like this NPR one, this is honest music performed with the intention to stimulate the musical senses we all have. And yes, (just to get it out of the way) their hats do make them look like Marge Simpson.

DakhaBrakha: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert – 2015


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