Bridging That Gap

November 1, 2016

Image result for glass bridge in china

Overcoming the fear that paralyzes. Glass bridge in China

The times, they are a changing alright, even faster than a speeding bullet.

Not too long ago, if you wanted to produce a quality music recording or video/short film, you had to seek out professionals who had access to expensive equipment and studios. Never mind getting in line to reserve some time.

Video editors and audio software allowing multiple vocal and instrumental tracks have come out of the expensive, specialized studios and into the domain of practically anyone who is so inclined. Even phones and drones are getting into the act.

And of course with multiple public platforms available those creations can easily be shared.

I’m most interested in using this technology to create a dialogue where one didn’t exist prior. This video by Watermark Church (link) (using split screen and multiple audio tracks) gives an opinion on Millennials with the intent to spark debate on stereotyping.

Below is a great vid by Josh Turner playing Honky Tonk Woman – ask yourself after viewing these videos: “How did he accomplish this?” Could you use techniques, creativity and talent in a productive manner like he does?

And finally a video produced by a local that has the high quality of a tourism ad. As they said in the Virginia Slims ads of the sixties, “You’ve come a long way, Baby!” By the way, these ads basically messaged that “giving” women the right to smoke was pure goodness. Did we come a long way or were we merely running a long way in circles?

Bridges of Winnipeg by Wake Up Matt – a video using bridges as symbolism amidst more stereotyped images that exist about the city.

We all have our reasons for fearing the divide. But from that which is cracked and broken comes something positive. A new beginning. A link to something considered impossible before.

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