Was it worth the truancy?

November 3, 2016


The loveable Steve Goodman plays his song about the loveable Cubs (circa 1909-2015). BTW Steve was a high school classmate of Hillary Clinton. I had no idea. Will wonders never cease?
Finally there is hope for fans living the nightmare that sees a young boy’s hopes crushed like a thousand beer snake cups. Hear that Bomber fans?
I have a friend whom I’ve know for 40 years. He is, and has always been, the biggest Cubs fan I know. And today he has a grin as long as the Chicago loop!
Anything can happen (baby). So you’re tellin’ me there’s a chance……

A Dying Cubs Fan’s Last Request -by Steve Goodman


To all the real Cubs fans out there. The ones that are here and the big league beyond (like Steve Goodman and Harry Carey)….Cubs win.


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