Dive Into It

November 4, 2016

above from this great blog post on Lake

Minnehaha Falls – gowaterfalling.com

CBS Minneapolis

The thing that attracted me to this band was the name. Lake Street is a street in one of my favourite cities: Minneapolis-St Paul. The urban transition on Lake from the Mississippi on the east to the lakes on the west is quite amazing – going from dank and worn to gentrified and upscale.

The street introduces us to the Grand Rounds, a circular urban scenic byway that every city should be so lucky to have. But above all is the Chain of Lakes park system with its  bike and hiking trails, beaches, wooded areas and lakes dotted with canoes and sail boats – all in the shadow of Minneapolis’ skyline.  Its just a great place to get your mind and body into shape. No wonder I like that place.

So yes, the band’s guitar player named the band after the “dives” found on the east end of the street in his hometown.

The band came together at the New England Conservatory of Music…..So the band met in (gramma’s family’s old stompin’ grounds of) Massachusetts. They have a name that pretty much only local Minnesotans would recognize and they are  based in Brooklyn. Very eclectic. Like their music.

Lake Street Dive: NPR Music Tiny Desk


above Jordan Hall, Boston: The New England Conservatory of Music

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