Music Beats Threats to Internal Validity

November 14, 2016

Image result for threatening clouds

Tsunami clouds over Virginia. Image from Skywatch Media

Ok. Ok. We’ve lost that ‘lovin’ feeling’. (song by Kathi Mcdonald and Long John Baldry)

So here it is people: It’s ‘go time’. Love or else. Time to turn them guns to rust. Is y’all in or is y’all out?

All Out” by Nils Lofgren and Grin was an old favourite vinyl disc from 1972/73. This smooth song, with a rather subdued Kathi Mcdonald, is a feel good song on a number of levels. (For a ballsier example of KM’s pipes check out She Ain’t Right from the same LP.

The anticipation runs high that we will “Make the world Love Again“. I need to make up some oversized ball caps with that slogan.

Love or Else – Grin – 1973

YouTube post by provero5

Nils Lofgren talking about Nils Lofgren (and Chuck Berry & The Beatles and Stones and others) for the American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:


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