A Certain Degree of Difficulty

November 16, 2016

Image result for concert for bangladeshLet’s see: George Harrison, Leon Russell, Bob Dylan, (Klaus Voorman, The Hollywood Horns)……Hey where’s Ringo? Oh, he’s the drummer in the back. We put him in the back cuz like most drummers, he can’t sing either.

I remember, back in the summer of ’71, when I brought that orange box set “The Concert For Bangladesh” home and slipped it on the Thorens. When I heard Ringo forgetting the words as he sang his own song (see video below), two things struck me. One, I love live concerts where singers and players actually sing and play. Two, I struggled with the image of poor Ringo forgetting the words on one of the few times that he was in the spotlight.

Concert For Bangladesh – MSG – It Don’t Come Easy – August 1971

yt post by Emerson Navarro

I also have this vivid memory of a group of us 16 year olds in someone’s parents living room sharing a few laughs and breaking into song. I grabbed the nearest coffee table and started banging out the beats and the drummer in the group said ‘hey man, you should be a drummer’. I thought naw…I don’t wanna be like Ringo….besides, I had a great deal of respect for the beat makers. I knew there was a little more to it than simply keeping a beat on a coffee table.
People argue back and forth about the quality of Ringo’s drum kit and the skill level of his playing but it all don’t mean nuthin’. Nuthin’ ya hear!! The guy is a living legend.

Check out the Rickenbacker on Ticket to Ride. I know, I still have my eyes on the strings. If you got a Rick 325 and a Vox tube amp for sale I’m interested. Oh, and check out the stars on the drums….a couple of years back, when in Hollywood, I wandered over to check out Phil Spector’s neighbour Ringo’s place. All I could see was the gate to the property, which had, of course, iron stars on it.

Ringo Starr Shows How to play Ticket to Ride, Come Together and Back off Boogaloo

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