Ingress and Egress

November 18, 2016

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So easy to sit back and judge; so difficult to relate. All the world’s a stage. Exit stage left:

Brad Roberts of SoHo NYC, yet another refugee of The ‘Peg, wrote this song after being injured in a car crash near Yarmouth, Nova Scotia back at the turn of the century.

I like the feel, yeah, the vibe, of the song and video. Urban vs not. Hopelessness meets opportunity. Kind of Arizona meets Manhattan. Reality vs fantasy. Disassociation – attachment. Or St. James meets the world.

From the ‘solo’ album I Don’t Care That You Don’t Mind – 2001

The Day We Never Met – Brad Roberts, The Great Wind Jammers & The Crash Test Dummies (sans Darvill)

yt post by crashtestdummiescom



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