The Awakening

November 21, 2016

Water cannon used to push back & freeze water protectors at Standing Rock

The black snakes have arrived. And so have Indigenous people from around the world, South America to Mongolia to Australia to Turtle Island. Now is the time to change world thought. This is beyond Wounded Knee. The sacred fires will never be doused. This is only the beginning.

Meanwhile: Do you find it more than interesting that the media coverage of the Standing Rock situation is poor at best? After all, this is far more than just ‘another protest’ by spoiled brats and dirty hippies who want to destroy America. Of course, that’s how some paint it.

This the last remaining survivors of a people who truly respect the planet, drawing a line in the Dakota sand and asking the Illuminati thugs to not cross. But with little support from the corporate sheepdogs, all the big boys’ militia have to do is wait until winter and freeze them out….apparently by blasting them with the same water the survivors are trying to protect. Remember, this is not an old school demonstration as much as it is a peaceful prayer camp supporting Indigenous beliefs. And one of those beliefs is that ‘water is the most life-sustaining gifts of mother earth and is the interconnection of all living things’. Water trumps oil and gold.

The Beach Boys grew up (matured) in the seventies and realized that their ‘fun and games’ life of surfing the water was not as important as saving the water (planet). These two lyrically and musically significant songs from their relatively unpopular yet important 1971 LP Surf’s Up, show the marked line drawn between their old style and new one.

The ones who understand ‘mother earth’ are the true students of our time. Knowledge quest is important.

The Beach Boys- Don’t Go Near The Water – lyrics link

yt post by Daniel Allen

The Beach Boys – Student Demonstration Time (the album cover is an important clue here) – lyrics link

yt post by DangerTapeTracks

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