Can he or Uncanny? Just Watch

November 24, 2016


Just another pipeline fraud. Image from SWCC – Skeena River.

fraud – definition
wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.
“he was convicted of fraud”
fraudulence, cheating, swindling, embezzlement, deceit, deception, double-dealing, chicanery, sharp practice;
“he was arrested for fraud”
swindle, racket, deception, trick, cheat, hoax;
informal scam, con, rip-off, sting, gyp, fiddle, bunco, hustle, grift
“social insurance frauds”
a person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities.
“mediums exposed as tricksters and frauds”
impostor, fake, sham, charlatan, quack, mountebank;

The bulldozers continue their rampage because the planet, the indigenous people, all life, have no real rights.  Completely unaccountable and faceless corporations however, continue to buy their way to profitable decisions made by politicians and any ‘leaders’ that stand in their way.

Democracy? Governments have become corporate arms of purveyors of fraud.

Tale of two economic frauds:

From the 1960’s to the end of the last century, the province of Manitoba lost thousands of jobs, thousands of people/minds/families and took an economic hit unrivaled in North America. Many of those were uprooted and moved to Alberta. Nothing was said. Next to nothing was done. Big business wanted it that way.

Yet now that Alberta is taking a hit to its economy things are different because this time large multi-national corporations are worried. For example, instead of net earnings of $42 billion, an oil and gas corporation may only report net earnings of $41.41 billion (USD). So the governments and their media hypnotisers who are bought and paid for by those extraordinarily large corps are worried too.

The word is out that we have to help them. The word is that helping them will be good for all of us. People have to accept the bribes for all our well-being. That means pipeline construction must be approved no matter what ecological, social and health related impacts these pipelines bursting with fossil fuel will have. And no matter what effect mining, refining and burning those fuels has on the environment. The corporate bottom line is all that matters (spun as more jobs). Drill baby drill. Frack and kill while you’re at it. Disturbing.

From Revolution: Cause no harm, nor allow to be caused harm to another living soul’s life, liberty or property.
Anything else comes from corporate government. Supported by (to use a music industry term), payola – or in this case, payoila.

I miss honest people.

…..And the band plays on. Everyone is drinking the Kool-Aid. OK. Now I can climb down off the soap box.

Bro went to see this guy a couple of nights ago at Massey Hall. Said it was an interesting performance.

Conor Oberst: A Little Uncanny | NPR Music Front Row – 2016


A Little Uncanny – lyrics (chords G,C,D chorus C,G,C,D)
Little Uncanny Lyrics

We started drinking the Kool-Aid
We were taking the bait
We were talking big talk
Never playing it safe
Looking good as Jane Fonda
On a Vietcong tank
You can’t get something for nothing honey
Ya gotta energize your base

But she was young enough
She was blonde enough
She was ’bout a perfect ten
Had millions of admirers but not one single friend
But it’s a, it’s a little uncanny what she managed to do
Became a symbol for a pain she never knew

You know ole Ronnie Reagan
Was a shoe salesman’s son
He got himself in the movies yeah
He impressed everyone
He thought trial by fire
Was America’s fate
He made a joke of the poor people
And that made him a saint

But he was tan enough, he was rich enough
He was handsome like John Wayne
And there was no one at the country club
Who didn’t feel the same

But it’s a, it’s a little uncanny
What he managed to do
Got me to read those Russian authors through and through

I miss Christopher Hitchens
I miss Oliver Sacks
I miss poor Robin Williams
I miss Sylvia Plath
Every morning’s a desert
Every night is a flood
They say a party can kill me
Well sometimes I wish it would

But I’ll get strong enough, I’ll be man enough
Ta keep myself in check
‘Cause all my friends who flew to town
Said that’s what they expect

But it’s a, it’s a little uncanny
What they managed to do
Made me admit to shit I knew was ne-e-ever true


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