Missing Inaction

November 28, 2016

MMIW monument at The Forks – image from UC Observer

Brad Firth, aka Caribou Legs, just completed an epic 7400 km run across the country to raise awareness for missing and murdered indigenous women and domestic violence.
In the summer, closer to home, Tracie Léost ran over a hundred kms along the east shore of Lake Manitoba, through the interlake and down into the urban heart of Turtle Island. She too wanted to raise awareness to missing and murdered indigenous women.
Two examples of people trying to bring the issue into people’s consciousness. One was long -7200 kms. One was short – 120 kms. But….long story short, we have to awaken to issues such as these. In particular Indigenous issues that hit so close to home. Often inside home.

Meanwhile, reports sit on shelves, politicians sit on hands and people go on with their lives searching for Pokémon.
Here is a song/video ‘starring’ Léost and shedding some light on the issue.

Cass McCombs – “Run Sister Run” 2016

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