Sit Back. Take Yer Shoes Off.

November 29, 2016

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from We had a dealership at the end of the street that sold these cars. I would always walk by and check out the props in the back of the car. Seriously?

The sixties were an interesting time. Beatlemania and war protests. Everything was going on.

Rena Jae pointed out this morning that the Beach Boys’ song, I Get Around had a hilarious video. I checked it out on YouTube but other than looking awkward in their Beatleboots, overly-short pants, tucked in striped shirts, and making that woody rock, it is pretty typical Beach Boys.

Meanwhile, at the same time in New Zealand, a group lead by the recently departed “Modfather or pop” Ray Columbus, was taking that country by storm. Unfortunately, we never really got to see them here in the “land up over”.

They also had a hit covering Arthur Alexander’s “Till We Kissed” a song done over here by local band The Guess Who (Chad Allan and the Expressions – or was it Expressions?).

You have to work hard to accomplish things that need to be accomplished. But it’s goodness to lighten up now and then. I like a band that doesn’t always take itself too seriously. Now this video makes me smile a whole lot….

Ray Columbus and the Invaders – She’s A Mod – 1964

YT post by The Video Beat dotcom


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